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yelsewkrats 12-20-2018 10:58 PM

Skinner Electric Valves
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Good evening and Happy Holidays y'all,
I have looked high and low on my 280 Excella and I can not find an air compressor anywhere on this beastie. However, there are two little doohickeys called Skinner Electric Valves, one on each side of the accumulator tank and I am wondering if these could have replaced the original air compressor. Or are these valves simply in the compressor hierarchy. Help me please. What do I have or not have here.

Smartstream 12-21-2018 01:29 AM

The skinner valves shut off the air flow to and from the air spring on each side when the ignition is off to help prevent bleed down. The compressor is in the exterior rear storage compartment. It may be behind a false wall in the compartment. If you drain the air tank and turn the ignition key to "on" but don't start the engine you should be able to hear the compressor at the rear of the coach.

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