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RVREPAIRMEN 12-19-2018 09:16 AM

Compartments needed
Hello i am looking to see where i can
Buy the pull out compartments for an 83 310, my customer's unit is missing one and the rest are rusted out, i can rebuild and build them but i would rather start with nicer ones and save my customer some money

bkahler 12-19-2018 11:49 AM

It will be difficult finding an intact lower compartment that isn't just as rusted as the ones you have. Within the last few months someone was looking for a replacement compartment and managed to fine one from another member. I have not heard of any others being available.

A seller on ebay that goes by the name runamuck12 dismantled a damaged 310 several years ago and was listing those parts on ebay.

A seller with the email address of Lidgej AT was selling 310 windows on ebay at one time so they know of some compartments.

My guess is it would cheaper to just rebuild the existing compartments. That's what most of us have done.


lynnonthego 01-06-2019 01:24 PM

outside compartments help
If you don't mind my did you remove the existing compartments? We need to repair ours and thought we could detach the drawers/compartments from the slides...much like you would when removing a dresser or cabinet drawer....but they don't seem to detach? Did you unbolt the whole unit...the drawer, slider and slider channel....from the frame? It seems like there must be an easier way? I'm sure I'm not using the right terminology but hope you know what I mean! Appreciate any advice you can share.

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