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Air345Fly 12-06-2018 03:52 PM

Straighten my bumper!
4 Attachment(s)
I have an Airstream 345 motorhome that got bumped in the rear.
The bumper got pushed in about 3 inches and I want push it back
to it's original shape. They are extruded aluminum about .2 inches
thick. They are in the shape of a channel. I have a 55 ton arbor
press available.

I have been thinking about the best way to do this. I think that
I will make some wooden blocks that conform to the original
shape and use them with the press.

I have seen some amazing results in straightening alloy wheels
but they heat them. Should I heat the bumper? What temperature?

This is what it looks like next to my front bumper. The black mark
near the bend is just a reflection and not really there.
Attachment 329231

Attachment 329232

Back side.
Attachment 329233

This shows the extent of the bend.
Attachment 329234

Joyflea 12-06-2018 04:31 PM

Shouldn’t be any problem . Push from inside and use some boards under to keep from warping . Go slow and move around . Take a 2x4 and round it to the radius of the back side after you get to that part . I just did a big steel bumper and going slow it looked perfect . Good luck , Blue .

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