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wandrly 10-29-2018 11:28 AM

Getting anodized aluminum to match vintage aluminum?
A couple of years ago an employee at a storage facility / Airstream dealership drove into our front curbside quarter panel on our 1976 Sovereign. They offered to replace it, and that was all good. The old girl needed to be polished back then, and when I saw the finished product I just figured it looked like it did because it had clearcoat on it.

Fast forward to now and the entire Airstream is beautifully polished...but when we went for that replaced panel, it will not shine now, at least not using the Nuvite we've used on the rest of the trailer.

So, I guess I'm here wondering if anyone has figured out a way to match or blend these two types of aluminum finishes or if anyone knows of a resource to purchase the old style aluminum panels?

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