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Thats70sCamp 10-26-2018 08:47 AM

Thoughts on buying this?
Check out what I found on Facebook Marketplace.

Itís not restored itís remodeled, I just feel the price is a bit high. The furnace wonít light and a/c unit is not operational.

streaminwild 10-29-2018 02:24 PM

Welcome to the forum Thats70sCamp. I don't know enough on Argosy pricing, but it sure looks clean. Try Onecraigs for price comparisons, or completed Ebay listings. Maybe others will chime in with better opinions.

Belegedhel 10-29-2018 02:58 PM

Welcome to the Forums.

The lister is trying to make specific use of terminology ("not a restoration" vs, a rennovation). Regardless of what they call it, this trailer appears to be almost completely rebuilt. If they did it right, then I would say that $12k is a very fair price.

They say the AC was never hooked up, but if it is just a matter of making an electrical connection, that is trivial. Even if you have to run a wire, it is not rocket science to do so.

I don't see any mention of the furnace at all. They also mention that the fresh water tank isn't "hooked up." This also is a trivial amount of work. Does kind of make me wonder why this project is almost complete, but not yet finished... Maybe they are selling under some kind of pressure.

I'm also curious about the bath/shower. Wonder if there is one. I can't say that I love some of their design choices, with the interior cabinetry/furnishings, but that may be just a matter of taste. I was also surprised that I don't see an axle replacement mentioned. The original axles have a lifespan of around 25 years, so if these are the originals, then they are way-ready (although they don't look to be sagging in the pictures).

Anyway, I was just looking at completed Ebay listings, and someone paid $8600 for a similarly old Argosy that was completely gutted, no work done, and just an aborted project. So $12k for a completely rebuilt trailer seems a bargain in comparison.

The challenge is knowning what "good" looks like. On the portal page, there is a "trailer inspector's checklist" as well as a utility to help you find volunteer inspectors in your area. There are lots of ways to replace a subfloor poorly. You don't want to end up re-doing a bunch of sloppily done work, or being stuck with what is known as a "polished turd," that is a trailer that has had some superficial fixes put in place but is fundamentally still a wreck.

good luck!

Bill M. 10-29-2018 02:59 PM

I do not want an Argosy. If I did I would buy that one at that price. It looks very well done. The paint looks good. It costs a fortune to paint those trailers. The size is perfect for traveling. All in all it looks like a nice unit to me.

Overstreet 11-22-2018 06:36 PM

I suspect it is on ST tires. I had a trailer with those. Not again.

It all remains on condition. Frankly ready to go camping does not equal ac inop, heat inop and who knows what else not hooked up.

OTRA15 11-23-2018 02:24 AM


Originally Posted by Thats70sCamp (Post 2172550)
. . .
. . . I just feel the price is a bit high.
. . .

Are you still monitoring this thread? Your user ID still shows only one post. Did you go look at the unit?



ROBERT CROSS 11-23-2018 06:32 AM

Welcome Aboard!! 👍

Originally Posted by Thats70sCamp (Post 2172550)
Check out what I found on Facebook Marketplace.

Itís not restored itís remodeled, I just feel the price is a bit high. The furnace wonít light and a/c unit is not operational.

Hello from Bflo.

My's so close to you.
Go look, take some pics, post here and lets all have a better look.
It sure looks nice, if your handy and in the mood could be a great find.
PM me.


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