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joshclay 10-14-2018 06:17 PM

Let's talked about serial number/VIN confusion 1969-1980
I'm trying to line up the actual serial number of my trailer and de-code it. Also, I want to make sure I title this trailer correctly. I understand this is how to de-code:

1969 to 1980
Digit 1 = I International; L Land Yacht; E Excella

Digit 2&3 = Length

Digit 4 =
A Center bath twin beds
B Center bath double bed
D Rear Bath double bed
T Rear bath twin

Digit 5 = Model year

Digit 6 =
J Jackson Center, OH
S Cerritos, CA
V Versailles, OH (Argosy)

Digit 7-10 = Sequential serial number -3 Digits 1966-1969, 4 digits 1970+

However, this doesn't make any sense with the year digit being a single number. What if the year is 1969? Would the digit be a 9? Wouldn't that also be the digit for a 1979? I guess you could distinguish the two because a 1979 would have the four digit sequential serial number and a 1969 would only have three. But what if it is a 1970? Wouldn't the digit be a zero? How would you distinguish a 1980 from a 1970 if both digits indicating the year are the same? And both have 4 sequential ending numbers.

Also, my trailer has a manufacturing date of "9-k8-74" and is titled as a 1974 model (what does "k8" mean?). However, my serial number has a "5" in digit 5. Maybe it was built in 74 but is actually a 1975 model? Would my DMV fix this for me on the new title? It's also titled with a "1" as the first number of the VIN. Shouldn't the first digit of my VIN be an "I" since that's what it actually is on the trailer plate? Would the DMV fix that for me or must all VIN numbers start with an actual numerical character?


dbj216 10-14-2018 07:30 PM

It is common for Airstream to start the new model year in the fall of the previous year. I think your decoding is pretty good. The 5 would indicate to me a 75 model year. My trailer also has a 74 build date but a 75 model year. Your title ought to have the correct vin and the correct model year irrespective of the manufacturing date.


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