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hirstpb 10-08-2018 04:31 PM

Shakedown Cruise Winding Down
After 10 days and almost 2,000 road miles, Iíll end the shakedown back in Arkansas tomorrow from Colonial in New Jersey. Iíve parked in driveways, Walmarts and campgrounds with no hookups and full hookups. My latest observations, in no particular order:

Just drove all day and battery level is at 85%. Spent last night in closed Lowes parking lot and started the day at 50%. The frig is running, but have everything else I know about turned off. Seems like a running engine and 300 watts of solar panels ought to bring the batteries to 100%.

The galley doors bang open during right hand curves on highway or a right hand turn on city streets. I bought cheap tension curtain rods wedged across the aisle to keep them shut until I can figure out a more elegant solution. Recall a thread on similar problem, but havenít researched yet. Also, one of the bottom drawers now will not close flush. Something else to look into tomorrow. I donít have them loaded with rocks; just normal kitchen stuff. I may have to rethink what goes where, but what good is a galley drawer if it wonít stay shut with pots and pans? Anvils low and feathers high!

And the last irritant: the much touted Fusion system. From screen displays that are hard to see in bright sunlight to an audio system that will not take any input, Iím frustrated. The rear and side camera displays are almost useless. I did adjust the brightness and that helped. But the backup camera displays on my truck and SUV are crisp and clear and adjust to ambient light. The AI displays are muddled and make everything seem far away. On the audio side, I Bluetooth paired my iPhone with the system. iTunes shows up on the screen from my phone, but when I hit play, the audio comes through my phone. Iím sure thereís a button somewhere to play through the system speakers, but I havenít found it. So, thought Iíd try connecting the iPhone to the USB port in the dash compartment. The screen then displays no media connected. Bluetooth and USB definitely not compatible with Apple Car Play. Which leaves me driving down the road with an expensive info/entertainment system, listening to my iTunes library on my phone!

Those irritations aside, the Grand Tour is a pleasure to drive. Great on the highway and surprisingly easy to maneuver around town. And, no back or hip aches after hours on the road. Next phase of shakedown: loading wife and doggie after quick turnaround and back on the road next week. This will be interesting. I know the dog will like it!

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