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wildwilly. 09-07-2018 01:29 PM

Fusion Update Causing Major Electrical Chassis Problems
I installed the most recent Fusion update several weeks ago and had not started the vehicle until we were getting ready for a major trip out west. When I started the vehicle, no A/C, turn signals, wipers, windows, gas gauge among other non working electric systems. The vehicle ran fine and luckily we had brake lights. I took the vehicle to Mercedes in Naples who service Sprinters. They were completely baffled and close to a dead end.
I had posted the issue on this forum where a Airstream Ambassador picked it up and forwarded the message to one of their technicians who then sent me a private message reaching out for information. I explained the issue and provided the contact information of the MB service manager.
I just got off the phone with Mike from Airstream who had communicated with the MB service manager. The problem apparently is the Fusion update. The update is causing the Fusion system to be send messages to the chassis CAN which it cannot interpret, as a result the CAN then caused a shutdown of a variety of electrical systems.
The fix is to undo the communication between the Fusion and the CAN which should then allow the normal communication to the various components and fix the problems.
Mike indicated that this was the fourth issue of this type and it seemed to have something to do with the way the update was installed rather than the update itself. I thought I followed the specified steps but something may have been out of place. Mike indicated he will be able to get a log from MB which will help him understand how the process went wrong.
Kudos to the Airstream Ambassadors and Airstream for picking up on this and responding so quickly.
Haven't heard yet from MB about the results of this but felt it was important to get this out in the event someone runs into a similar problem. I will update when we get this totally resolved.

Boxster1971 09-07-2018 04:03 PM

WILDWILLY - thanks for the follow-up on this issue. It amazing that an aftermarket radio can cause this sort of problem.

Pez Vela 09-07-2018 07:09 PM

CAN bus problems
I still continue to use the Fusion site for software upgrades. I don't know for sure what Garmin is doing but they may have created a problem? If you have a problem with a software update Fusion tells you to call Garmin (possibly the software update they put out had a problem). To fix the CAN bus problem here is the Fusion response.

There have been reports of RV-IN801 vehicle settings being reset during a software update. To ensure correct operation, please do the following:

Check RV-IN801s vehicle settings before starting your software update.

Home > Settings > System > Use CAN Bus Message. Enabled for most Mercedes Sprinter installations

Home > Settings > System > CAN Bus Mode: Direct or PSM; setting will depend on RV manufacturer and model year

Home > Settings > System > Turn Cameras: Enabled or disabled, depending on if your vehicle is equipped with blind spot cameras that are viewed via the IN801

Always be sure that both VIM software and unit software are updated to the latest versions. After updating, confirm that the vehicle settings have been returned to their prior settings. If you are unsure of your original settings and there are any issues with the radio not properly receiving and acting on vehicle signals or unexpected behavior on other vehicle systems, do the following:

Ensure that Use CAN Bus Message is enabled. Home > Settings > System > Use CAN Bus Message

Try toggling the CAN Bus Mode. Home > Settings > System > CAN Bus Mode

If additional support is required after performing the steps listed above, please contact Garmin at 1-800-253-5081 or email at

eyechip 09-08-2018 12:15 AM

The Fusion system is a complete mess. I have not updated my original post in some days regarding my own problems but with a brand new month old off the lot 18 AI I have now been to 6, yes, SIX dealers between MB and Airstream since I drove off from the dealer in late July. I am on my third completely replaced system now and I just left it yet again at the Airstream dealer in Portland, OR as it is still a mess with Sirius and Radio not functioning, the steering wheel volume control dead and the power off button at night when parked not cooperating. Why, oh why does Airstream insist on this POS after market for a "best in class" is beyond me. Just get it with the Mercedes system for the love of god. It's not like they are putting in a Bang and Olufsen with 12 speakers. It's a crap after market and a total disaster in integration.

Alex AVI 09-09-2018 01:00 AM


Originally Posted by wildwilly. (Post 2152952)
Haven't heard yet from MB about the results of this but felt it was important to get this out in the event someone runs into a similar problem. I will update when we get this totally resolved.

WILDWILLY - Thanks for update & best of luck on getting this fixed asap.

The problem with Fusion & CANBUS is nothing new. It is the sole reason I have NOT updated mine even though I still have 2016 maps & seen postings of successful updates. I just don't need updated maps for my current usage, so the risks far outweigh the benefits. My Fusion works for me in its current firmware. My 30yrs in the computer world has taught me to steer clear of f/w updates just for the sake of having the latest. My golden rule was only update if critical need dictates.

To be fair, ANY system that is fully integrated into the MB CANBUS can wreck havoc. Of course, Fusion has had many issues which raises the possibility exponentially. As users more & more demand Total Integration in everything under the sun, the risk of Total Disintegration increases. We used to have discrete radios, phones, cameras, cd players, gps, etc. and the vehicle systems only shares +12v/Gnd with those devices. Now an entire Infotainment System sits on the same CANBUS as the vehicle's critical systems. Given this hypothetical - if an Infotainment System (even if from the world's best/most reliable maker) is installed in Boeing's 777 and shares/sits on the the same systems/avionics bus, would you feel safe flying in it? This is essentially what they are doing with cars. The best bet is (as a few have mentioned, lately EYECHIP) is to get that Total Integration from one manufacturer. While you may not get the fanciest, it would at least have gone through the wringer/testing. I would've been perfectly fine with the MB infotainment offerings. For one, the steering wheel buttons would've given us more functionality controlling the system that it does with Fusion.

wildwilly. 09-10-2018 11:58 AM

All Fixed
After 6 days in the shop we were able to pick up the Interstate. The problem was exactly as described. The Fusion update was somehow corrupted and caused problems with the vehicle's CAN thus disrupting most of the electrical systems. Thank you Ambassadors and Airstream for assisting with the diagnosis. As this was the first issue the MB dealer had ever seen, it may have taken quite a bit of time to get the issues resolved.

Hopefully the word will get out and if a similar issue arises for others the fix as detailed above will resolve the problem without a costly service visit.

Alex AVI 09-10-2018 01:10 PM


Originally Posted by wildwilly. (Post 2154273)
Hopefully the word will get out and if a similar issue arises for others the fix as detailed above will resolve the problem without a costly service visit.

WILDWILLY - Great news. :) What did they do? Just re-update Fusion or did they also have to re-update ECU? I ask coz I thought you also had to bring it in for the service bulletin requiring update?

wildwilly. 09-10-2018 03:07 PM

MB Created another Problem
I am not sure exactly what they did, both the service manager and the tech were not there when I picked it up, I had planned to follow up tomorrow when they are supposed to be in. [COLOR="Black"]But..........[/COLOR]

Somewhere in the trouble shooting process they removed the hood release!!!!!!!
I noticed the DEF was getting low so I thought I would put some in before our trip. Reach in to pop the hood....... no release!

Wow! So much for quality Mercedes service.

Alex AVI 09-10-2018 05:26 PM

WILDWILLY - Sorry to hear. Very irritating for sure. Hope it's resolved.

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