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Tobbun 09-01-2018 06:29 PM

Camping but TV/DVD not turning on.
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We are on our second camping trip up in AR and at a nice campsite. Have our daughter and dogs with us this time.

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Attachment 321313

Plugged into 30amp power.

Everything is going good except the TVs and DVD player arenít coming on. 2017 lounge. The hdmi splitter powers on. The lights in the dvd compartment are working. Left the manual at home.[emoji3]

I know the inverter has to be on with generator but what about shore power? Doesn't seem to work either way. Had the tvs working last night on generator (haven't tried that yet today).

Fuse maybe? Going to do some trouble shooting (with generator, plug other things in to outlets) but wandering about inverter while using shore power?


Lily&Me 09-01-2018 06:33 PM

Have you made sure everything is plugged in?

Sure is a beautiful spot you're in. :)


Tobbun 09-01-2018 08:37 PM

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Solved... The gfi socket had popped (had little red light) behind driver seat on the floor. I didn't see it earlier because it was light and we had a dog bed in the way. Anyway... Hit the reset button and the sockets the tvs are plugged into started working. I used a cell phone charger to make it easier to check.

We are at Beards Bluff by Milwood state park in AR.
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