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WoodrowB 09-01-2018 05:09 PM

Trying to figure out my 2010 EXT Color to match
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Hello All! Been awhile since I needed help, enough that I forgot my original login credentials so I just started a new name.

Anywho, I have a 2010 model (2008 manuf) Sprinter Airstream Interstate 3500 EXT which was done by Thor (shabbily I might add). The Chrysler Mercedes VIN suggests that I have Arctic White Paint MB9147, but when I had some mixed up, it came out just slightly yellower (creamier) than the actual paint.

I also had a rust out area behind the sewage control door and used Dupicolor Chrysler Arctic White which ended up being brighter than the actual paint.

I thought maybe the paint had faded over time but when I fixed the sewage door rust area, I had the side moulding trim off, and the paint was all uniform. Even the door jams, seat thrones and floor under the carpet matches the same white color as the outside.

Was there another White paint color used around 2008-2009? Maybe Thor resprayed the entire van, inside and out when they "Airstreamed" it? I found something on an Airstream build site that said a 2009 has White Exterior #2012697 but I couldn't find what that number means. 2011 Sprinter showed Paint Code N0006EA White Elite SS. I haven't tried to find that yet to see how close it is.

Any help is appreciated. I have a few other rust spots to fix but I need to be able to match the paint.

Pictures attached:
Front of the bus: Grill Trim piece sprayed (custom Mercedes paint mix MB9147) and grill resprayed, after headlights were removed to buff and reseal clear. Grill trim is slightly yellower than surrounding paint.

Side headlamp view: New paint on left doesn't match original.

Sewage Control Door: Rust square hole repaired and sprayed with Duplicolor Chrysler Arctic White, doesn't match either, actually brighter and more matte?.

rowiebowie 09-01-2018 05:48 PM

Sorry I don't have an answer for you, but I feel for you and what you're experiencing. I remember having the same problem matching white paint many years ago. You'd think it would be easy, but there are almost infinite shades that are called white. More recently, I was pleased to find out with a black vehicle that there is only one color of black.


Alex AVI 09-01-2018 06:00 PM

WOODROWB - I can not speak to the paint codes you need. I am also not a body/paint expert. However, I did have a1995 white Mercedes body skirting painted by a very respected custom painter in the Bay Area even before I took delivery due to dealer damage (long story, 10 miles, nice discount due to damage). Even though it is hard to tell at quick glance, if scrutinized by a true expert, it can be found. I wanted the re-paint limited to the very small panel, so did not authorize feathering. There is just no way to match panels without feathering in adjacent panels. Does not matter if you have identical paint codes. This could be a 2019 that just came out of factory paint booth. You would have same issue if you are not willing to feather/fade/blend adjacent panels. Your paint is 10yrs. old. It will never match regardless of the hidden areas you mention. They will all have a certain amount of fading even, if not subjected to UV

WoodrowB 09-01-2018 09:49 PM

Thanks for the responses so far.

I rebuild cars in my spare time including the paint & body work. While I'm not a pro, so to speak, I've been doing it for 30+ years. I understand the fact about trying to blend old paint with new, I just want to at least start on the right page.

The paint under the trim has been protected and out of the sun but spraying either of these aftermarket paints is still a completely different shade. Even the interior paint under the cab carpet isn't this Arctic White color.

There isn't a color code sticker anywhere. On the door jam there is a Chrysler VIN (2008) and also a Freightliner tag(2009). Plus an Airstream sticker(2010) with another VIN and model BHUWF9. I'm not sure if Freightliner repaints these when they rebrand them or not, seems excessive. But all the extra mouldings, trim panels and body kit match so someone is respraying these. The VIN is the only thing that showed Arctic White decoded from the original DaimlerChrysler sticker.

Yeah, matching white is near impossible. I found that out years ago while trying to match "white ceiling" paint for the house. Side by side cans on the shelf and two different shades of white rolled out. I also have two black cars that I've completely restored - plain ol black that I can touch up anytime. Even with off the shelf Rustoleum in a can.

I was hoping someone may have had some experience with this. Past fender bender or body work done on these particular conversions. The front isn't that noticeable (I notice) and will blend in over time. I can make the other panels blend in on the creases or seams if I knew what the paint was originally though. I just don't want to buy a bunch of mixes of white paint until I get it right.

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