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Trail Boss 08-28-2018 10:16 PM

Need advice on new hitch
Just upgraded to a 2007 international 26 CCD from a 1970 safari 23. I've been using the equalizer hitch that came with old trailer which may be original. I have a '99 F250 CC and want to get a new hitch. Wondering if the blue ox is worth the money for the softer ride it claims for the trailer.

PKI 08-28-2018 11:02 PM

Yes - however, the PPP hitches are better at stopping sway. The BO needs to move slightly to build the spring tension differential that brings the coach back in line. The PPP holds the coach from moving. The better design does cost more, but it's worth the increase if you travel. If you stay close to home, the BO will be good enough. You may not even notice the BO wiggle from bow waves.

Note - the BO stores a lot of energy in the preload, so stay out of the release path for the spring bars, chains and wrench. Do not lose your grip on the breaker bar as you release the load. Replace the OEM wrench. It is too short and hard on the hands. Get a 1" 6pt impact socket and long handle breaker bar.

Note - also that the EQ has better ground clearance, because it tucks tighter to the tongue than the BO. It's not much of a problem with the ground clearance your 250 has, but don't be surprised if you drag a bit.

Good luck with the new lash-up. Pat

StuartsDad 08-28-2018 11:53 PM

I went with the Blue Ox Sway Pro. Easy to hook and unhook, clean, except for grease on ball, seems to work as advertised. 28RB pulled by 2014 F250.

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