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sburrw 08-04-2018 07:49 AM

SeeLevel II Tank Monitor problem
Our 2014 25FB SeeLevel II tank monitor started showing an “err” message for fresh water and sometimes an “opn” message. Garnet tech support ran me through some diagnostics and said my sender was probably in need of replacement. Then it started working properly again. Then I started getting error messages again
Today, the freshwater is working properly and the gray and black tank are both showing “err” messages. Since the company is closed this weekend, I thought I would put this question out to see if anyone has overcome this problem.

TheGreatleys 08-04-2018 12:11 PM

Seems unlikely that all three senders are going bad simultaneously. I'd double check the wiring on the back of the display, especially the common neutral wire, which could cause an intermittent problem like you describe if it has a short. Per the installation manual, it's very important that the senders and the display are connected to an identical neutral, so all the wires should converge into the display harness a few inches behind the display.

sburrw 08-06-2018 07:02 AM

I took your suggestion and yes, the wires are securely attached to the back of the monitor. The Monitor displays the correct voltage of 13.1, but when I use my meter on the two wires on the back of the monitor, it reads 11.7 V. That seems strange.

sburrw 08-17-2018 04:35 PM

I ordered a new monitor panel from the company and installed it today. That did the trick!

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