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bhsl8 09-25-2002 09:25 AM

roof stack gaskets
I am about to receive new roof stack gaskets from Inland in hopes of alleviating a couple of leaks. I have seen much discussion of what caulking to use and not to use.Does it matter on the roof where these areas are essentially hidden or should I use on the special stuff? The same question goes for rivets (hardware store vs olympic).Thanks
Brouck Sleight

BobbyW 09-25-2002 09:46 AM

My suggestion - Since you bought them from Inland RV, I would ask them on the proper removal of the old ones, cleaning of the area around it and the installation procedure of the new ones and then post your discoveries.

Maybe you could take a couple of pictures on how you do it. Before, during and after the installation, for us all to see.

-Best Regards;

Inland RV Center, In 09-25-2002 11:32 AM

Doc. You will need a tube of vulkem sealer. One of our girls should have told you that.
Installation instructions are very basic.
1. Clean up the old residue.
2. Place the fiberglass screening over the vent pipe.
3. Place the gasket over the vent pipe and firmly push it down so that it is flat with the roof.
4. Apply "vulkem" sealer from the inner edge of the hole in the gasket, forcing it through the fiberglass screening, and onto the black pipe. That gives the installation a positive seal.
5. Reinstall the polished vent pipe cover.
6. Apply a small bead of "vulkem" sealer around the base of the cover.
7. Your done. Have a cool one, sit back, and admire your work.
8. Repeat as necessary (the cool one or another gasket, or both).


BobbyW 09-25-2002 11:37 AM

ThanX Andy...especially the tip on the "Cool One" afterwords. :cool:


bhsl8 09-25-2002 12:01 PM

Gentlemen, thank you both. I shall heed all advice given but things are cooling off rapidly here in Wisconsin so I may have to substitute the "cool one(s)" with something a little more warming! I will try and do the picture thing, but may need instructions on how to get them online.

Inland RV Center, In 09-25-2002 06:29 PM

They tell me a Kahlua and coffee gives a person a lot of inspiration.
Two of them gives courage.
Three of them gives confidence.
And should you managed to get to the fourth one, then you have spent more time drinking, than it took to change the gasket.
But at our age, whose counting??


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