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Ckg 06-17-2018 09:43 AM

2018 Classic 33
We too have purchased a new 2018 Classic 33 airstream and have been greatly disappointed. The overall quality and attention to detail is horrible, had I read some of the threads I would have never purchased an Airstream. We have had the shower leaking around the glass door, doors the will not close tight, crooked doors, cabinets made crooked, awning issues, stabilizing jacks binding up. Storage compartments the will stay closed. Leaking outdoor shower. Any many more minor issues, but the most disheartening part is when the dealer says Airstream doesnít know to resolve the issues. Dealing with the technical department at Airstream has left me unimpressed. They do not return calls or emails.
While the dealer has tried hard to resolve the issues, it is so disappointing for the price paid to have so many issues, hard to enjoy when you fear something else will break so soon, we havenít even tried the heating systems yet, so more fun to come. Sadly how quickly a good reputation can ruined.

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