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Pride&Joy 05-26-2018 05:21 PM

What's up with our city water hookup?
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Hi all! We are still relatively new to all that is Airstream. We have a 2001 Limited. Our city water hook up does not allow a regular hose but a "quick disconnect" type. The hose that came with the Airstream is the smaller coiled kind. Where is the best place to find another hose that fits our city water intake. Here are some pics.... We want to buy a back up because if this one breaks we would be out of luck for hooking up to a water source.

Thank you!!!!!

TBRich 05-26-2018 05:43 PM

Welcome and congrats on your new to you toy!

If I am understanding everything correctly, the quick-release hardware looks like it screws onto a standard hose or coiled hose .... then quick-connects into the trailer's water port. Right?

You should be able to buy an additional hose at any RV supply store, RV park store and anywhere that carries basic RV supplies. You'll want a white water hose rated for potable water (rather than a regular garden hose which is not rated for drinking water use).

We carry two 25' fresh water hoses in case we get in a situation where a single 25' foot is not enough... (and it happens).

Hope this helps

Mollysdad 05-26-2018 05:55 PM

Your city water connection is a regular garden hose fitting 3/4".
You have an aftermarket quick connect added to the hose, probably pretty tight.
I'm a big believer in the Quick Link, it is aluminum, and works great. Getting one can be frustrating because the seller is always at trade shows. But sooner or later, he comes through.
I use the "angled fitting" on the Airstream.

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