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wecoyote 03-28-2018 10:43 AM

Check here for leaks
Here is a new place to look for leaks!

Our 2014 30' FC had floor issues the first season after bringing it home. There was discoloration of the flooring around the bed and a small area near the front sofa. Our dealership was very apologetic and replaced the floor with no cost to us. The went over the roof and make sure all possible cracks were sealed (even though it was a new camper).

The following season, the flooring was discolored yet again, even worse than before. As you can well imagine, we were very dissatisfied!

That brings us to this past winter. Over Thanksgiving weekend, we took it to the dealer with the comment "We don't want it back until it is fixed for good!".

After much searching, they found the TRUE reason for the floor rotting. There was a leak along the seam where the upper and lower panels come together as well as along the center trim piece.

They had to pull the entire center trim piece off and re-seal the upper and lower panels as well as re-do all of the sealant on the center band.

When they were replacing the floor for the second time we took the opportunity to replace the cheap vinyl flooring with Marmoleum Striato Textura

Our maiden voyage will be Florida for spring break leaving this Friday (3/30). Fingers crossed!

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