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NorCal Bambi 08-18-2005 09:03 PM

Floor Replacement '63 Bambi
We recently purchased a 1963 Bambi. All is in good condition except the floor... the Bambi is nearly gutted and we will soon be ready to replace floor. Any and all advice by someone who has done this before would be very welcome! Also interested in knowing the best way to "lift" the body off. Can it be suspended while working on flooring? What did you do that worked for you? Thanks for any and all help! :blink:

greg176 08-18-2005 09:31 PM

Start by reading this thread:

Start by removing lower interior panels.

greg176 08-18-2005 09:32 PM

Oh and welcome to the forums and congrats on your new Bambi.

NorCal Bambi 08-18-2005 10:46 PM

Thanks for the rapid reply. I'll post some pictures later.

NorCal Bambi 08-24-2005 09:46 PM

Well we are well on our way toward replacing the floor on our 63 Bambi. The body is off and the floor is ready for removal. I have read discussion about blind rivits. I believe I have come up with an Idea as to why there are placed where you find them. I will include some diagrams and pictures later. For me they were a suprise. My idea may help the next person. Maybe someone else has written about why blind rivits appear where they do. If so I have not found the thread so far. Historical pictures are the clue. See pictures on The photo tap for my pictures NorCal Bambi.

greg176 08-24-2005 10:00 PM

In the thread in link above there is a photo of an Airstream chassis.They pop riveted the belly pan to the "U" channel to hold things in place before shell installed.Thats where some of the blind rivets show up when pulling shell off.There are also some in the frame bows to the "U" channel.

NorCal Bambi 08-24-2005 10:40 PM

Here are the pictures I tryed to post in the last post

NorCal Bambi 08-25-2005 11:37 AM

floor treatment
Well, I have read many threads on floor replacement and treatment of the wood to create a better lasting floor. So many people so many ideas! Is there any of these treatments that have lasted the test of time? I was thinking about epoxy and fiber glass covering. But now I not sure. I guess the bottom line is Wood is Wood. I'm off to Medford OR to look for elevator bolts today and shop for plywood. Wish me luck.

I'm working with PhotoShop and can't seem to get my pictures to the right file size.:sad:

Thanks for the input!!
NorCal Bambi

malconium 08-25-2005 03:48 PM

Alternative to wood...
There is an alternative to using plywood that, sofar, is working out well for me. Check out the following thread:


greg176 08-25-2005 05:54 PM

1 Attachment(s)
To get your photo on the forum in photoshop:
1/ Open image you want to send
2/Under image on top menu select image size.
3/Adjust image size to 640x480 pixels.
4/Under file menu select save as and save image to desktop as a jpeg a dialog will open up where you select size of jpeg image.Adjust slider till image is less than 100Kb.Then save.
5/Select reply in forum menu.Write message then click manage attachments.
6/Select browse then find your file.Then upload file.
7/After file is uploaded hit submit reply.

Most wood preservatives are made for exterior use and not safe for a closed environment like a trailer.Most of us have settled for using varathane to seal the wood and give it some resistance to moisture.It is important that the floor is able to breath and I think the varathane will work.Even an untreated floor woll last a long time if you don't let it sit wet.

NorCal Bambi 08-25-2005 10:49 PM

Greg176, thanks for the info on the floor treatment. The thought that external materials as being unsafe is a good point. thanks.

NorCal Bambi 08-26-2005 09:22 PM

Paper? anti-squeek? between channel and plywood
New question what is the paper like substance material that is between the aluminum channel and the plywood. I also found the material between all the cabinets and the floor, water tank, etc. Can you direct me what are the best kink of rivets and where to find them. Maybe in California. I am currently working on removing the channel, belly pans and old wood floor. :rolleyes:

greg176 08-26-2005 10:14 PM

There was no paper in my trailer there.For solid rivets I used a 5/32" Diameter universal rivet.Do a google search for MS20470AD5 .

uwe 08-27-2005 09:19 AM

CA Rivet Sources

Originally Posted by NorCal Bambi
Can you direct me what are the best kink of rivets and where to find them. Maybe in California. I am currently working on removing the channel, belly pans and old wood floor. :rolleyes:

Aircraft Spruce has them. They come coated in a gold color, which rubs off easily.
There are numerous other rivet suppliers. I also purchased some rivets from a place in Los Angeles,
I prefer the ones that Aircraft Spruce carries.

NorCal Bambi 08-27-2005 09:15 PM

Floor picture
1 Attachment(s)
Picture of the floor and chassis:blink:

NorCal Bambi 08-28-2005 09:21 PM

To Bee
2 Attachment(s)
Thaught some might be interested in what I found under the floor.

At last thing will start going together!

A-Merry-Can 08-30-2005 03:13 PM

uninvited guests...
only 2 bee nests, huh? probably just because you have a bambi. :lol: i had 2 bee nests, a rat nest and 2 dead rats in MY belly! and when i picked mine up, the PO had already removed half the floor. ha! gee, i wonder where that musty smell was coming from?

what are you using for insulation? i'm replacing mine for sure, as it's a huge source of stinky odors.

welcome to the forums! i've found them INFINATELY useful in my restoration so far.


NorCal Bambi 09-02-2005 07:58 AM

Jordan, Bambi's do seem to be popular with many living things. I plan to insulate with regular fiber glass insulation. My guess is that it allowes the trailer to breath better. When I'm done I will seal ever little hole I can find. On my trailer rubber hole protectors were placed over every pipe etc. inlet. Did yours have the same? There were a few dents causing openings for the critters to enter. I plan to repair these areas. I would like to see pictures and info on any repairs you do on your trailer. Another view point is always good.
Thanks Don:D

A-Merry-Can 09-02-2005 08:38 AM

my trailer was butchered by the PO when i got it. there was literally NOTHING in the trailer but half a floor and half a bellypan. no fittings of any kind, though. the copper LP lines that went through the belly pan did have grommets on them, and that's what i'm planning on doing on ours.

DO NOT be tempted to run those lines through the belly pan as i was. UWE set me straight. if you develop a leak, your trailer could literally explode! seal well, though. mice can get through a pencil-sized hole.

you can read my saga so far here:

hoping to making some real progress on the skins this weekend. happy reading! :)


NorCal Bambi 09-02-2005 10:42 PM

Jordan, I have read through your string. Great information! I'm planning on using the old belly skins. We will use the trailer a lot and I figure they will just get dinged up right a way.

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