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bergie7girl 03-17-2018 10:29 PM

What to look for on an AS that has sat for over a decade
We are looking to possibly purchase a 1970 Caravelle that has sat for over a decade. It appears to be in good condition, and we know we will need tires, new axle, battery and a few other things. What should we be worried about since it has sat for so long? This will be our first trailer of any kind.

ke6gkv 03-18-2018 12:41 AM

welcome to the forums and the world of vintage AS .if current owner does not have power nearby, a small geny will help seeimg what works and what does not. with a icepick lightly check the 4 corners for rot. see if all propane appliances work. the univolt should work, but plan on replacement so you don't over- charge your battery. it may seem overwelming at first., but we have all started at the same place. good luck and post photos as you progress if you buy the AS. kurt

bergie7girl 03-18-2018 06:42 PM

do we have to worry about the propane lines being bad? I know he has a replacement hot water heater ready to go in, the oven doesn't work and the fridge is propane/electric and one of those modes does not work - I haven't been able to find any models close to this year so we have no idea of a good starting price for negotiation.

dbj216 03-18-2018 07:37 PM

Hello from Colorado: Welcome to Air Forums. I presume that Caravelle sat in the Oregon woods for 10 years. It is wet in Oregon, right? Moisture is one enemy of Airstreams.

So you have to presume there is moisture damage, varmint infestations, mold and mildew everywhere. It's will be a big project to get this trailer back on the road. Maybe even taking the body off.

Assessment of a project trailer is pretty easy. It needs everything. Your assessment might focus on the possibility of towing it home. Tires, bearings, brakes, frame, coupler and exterior lights need to be working. Next is the body. Big demerits if a tree fell on it, or hail damage, or missing and/or broken windows, and the door won't shut tight. If it has a good body, well, that is the most valuable part. Airstream aluminum bodies last a very long time.

If I recall correctly, the Caravelle line was built as a lightweight trailer so you could tow it with the light weight cars of the 70s.

So if the body is good, and if you can tow it home, it might be worth $4000 or so max. And then budget maybe $12000 and 1000 hours of labor to get it fully functional with upgraded stuff.

Just my friendly opinion.


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