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gerdyman 03-14-2018 01:46 AM

Buying a new Airstream without interior?
will the manufacturer sell an airstream without some or all of the interior, thereby allowing you to build your own creation?

kendrick.l.j 03-14-2018 04:14 AM

Hi Gerdyman, Good questions. I know you can not purchase directly from the manufacturer so you must go through a dealer or purchase one from a individual as in previously owned. A few items can be special ordered but not very many. I had wanted the floor that is used in the Land Yacht put in a 2017 Classic but they said no. on the other hand I have heard of at least 1 Classic that was able to get a different flooring material than what can standard.
I bet it has already occurred to you to buy a new Airstream and then gut it and start over. I would think that Airstream would intentionally make that choice a very expensive decision in an attempt to protect their brand. Maybe find a slightly used model that had a salvaged title due to hail or something and start from there.
I’ll be following to see what happens. Cool idea but might end up being cost prohibitive to try.

Foiled Again 03-14-2018 04:47 AM

A few specialty companies do get them that way. Timwless Trailers is one. Located in Colorado if memory serves. The concern that Airstream jas avout selling shells to the general public is that the weight of the finished trailer nweds to be balanced.... side to side and front to back. That includes everything, even the black, gray and potable water tanks. A well meaning amateur can easily make an interior so heavy and/or lopsided that it is dangerous to tow.

Kinda sad as a big front kitchen classicl Airstream itself made was so light in front that the best fix Airstream could offer was to weld several hundred pounds of steel to the front of the frame.

dznf0g 03-14-2018 07:11 AM

When I was at JC recently, two Australian guys walked in and began speaking with an (production manager??) employee. Their question was, "Mate, have you got any (30' empty shell) trailers on the line right now which we can buy for a mobile barber shop?" I was amused (privately) for several reasons, but the employee did discuss the process of working with a local dealer down the road (guess where) in order to spec, price and order such a unit for their business. So, I'd guess it could be done.

brick1 03-14-2018 08:40 AM

You can ask, but I would be surprised if Airstream would be interested. Airstream cannot make enough product for regular customers...
You might consider buying an existing unit and stripping it out.

rugjenkins 03-14-2018 09:02 AM

Sounds like you need to find a older gutted trailer. It would be a lot cheaper. Hey, it's what most of us on the forum are doing.

Nightmare67 03-14-2018 09:32 AM

Yes they will.
Money is the answer. It will not be cheap.
Iíd order one with a floor plan that puts the plumbing close to where you want it.
Then, gut it and begin your own interior.

Bill M. 03-14-2018 10:57 AM

I think Airstream will sell a shell to Timeless and maybe to another vendor. But not to individuals.

Silver.Sanctuary 03-14-2018 10:59 AM

Movie Special

Originally Posted by gerdyman (Post 2076585)
will the manufacturer sell an airstream without some or all of the interior, thereby allowing you to build your own creation?

Are you going to build one like in the movie "The Accountant"?

sprusegoose 03-14-2018 12:14 PM

Tried several years ago to purchase the shell only. Have a medical condition that will not allow any of items that come standard or any options. They would not work with me or the doctor in the purchase of an airstream that would accommodate our medical condition. Told me that buy and gut. We were very disappointed that they would not work with us. Discussed signing a release of liability due to their concern about weight distribution. Made it a 1969 caravel into an over $70,000.00 40 year old trailer project.:sad:

robert claus 03-14-2018 12:36 PM

Out of balance
Saw an Airstream at Urban Air that had a tiled bath behind the axle. Owner said it wagged so badly they donít like to tow it very far. Tread carefully.

Urbanologist 03-15-2018 09:47 AM

Deep Pockets Donít Impress...
Even movie production companies don’t budge AS from their primary mission: Fulfilling the customer orders from their dealers. They even turned down building a new Panamerica for the “Accountant” production (the production team were forced to lease one from a PA owner). Want your dream to become reality - AND SAFE - contact Timeless. They can do the job to fit your concept, while saving you from DIY mistakes. I’ve seen their work. Just take a serious budget.

kfrere 03-16-2018 09:05 AM

We did that!
In 2008 we purchased a new Classic "shell" which was delivered to Timeless Travel Trailers in Colorado. (We live in TN) It was delivered with the windows and tanks installed (and a special port-hole door) pursuant to plans that Timeless had drawn. Timeless then took the shell and built out the interior to our specific plans - right down to the televisions. If you want to see the results of that our trailer was featured in the issue of Airstream Life that came out in 2009 that had the Vegas showgirls on the front cover.

We did this because we wanted to keep, and be happy, with our trailer for a very long time. We have a regular queen-size bed, a large shower, a farmhouse sink, recliners instead of a couch, a work area, and LOTS of storage.

We have used this trailer like everyone does since we picked it up in December, 2008. In two months we will start using it for it's ultimate intended purpose. We will live in it full-time not far from our office so that we can continue working but in a downsized way.

After the trailer was finished we took it on a few trips to see if we needed any additional things done to it. We did want to tweak it some. We took it to Jackson Center and a representative of Timeless flew to JC with some things to be installed. AS did some of the work in their repair shop.

One time we needed some significant maintenance work done. Timeless flew a man out and he worked on it. Another time Timeless wanted it in their shop to do some work so they sent a guy in a truck to TN to pick it up and drive it to CO (and bring it back).

We have been thrilled with this trailer. We still love the interior design. The bamboo floor, custom cabinets, stainless steel counters, etc. all still look wonderful. We'd do it again in a heartbeat.

dvgofaz 03-16-2018 09:21 AM

Well welcome to full timing! If you pass through Tucson in your travels we'd love to see your custom classic.

SMWASONMYMD 03-19-2018 09:41 AM

Buying new Airstream without interior
RV Adventures in Naperville IL - Airstream of Chicago - claims to make customized AS - not sure what they start with.

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