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Joan D'Andrea 09-19-2002 01:20 PM

Rivets and Karma
I am new to the forum. Would someone please explain what these two terms mean. What does it mean if a person has more rivets than someone else?

ALANSD 09-19-2002 01:32 PM

The rivets are earned by the number of posts you put up. This is a little incentive to keep as many people as we can involved and participating. We have a number of members who read posts, but don't add any info, or ask any questions. We encourage everyone to ask away!
Karma is earned for you by the people who read your posts, and hit the karma button at the bottom to say that they agree, and like the post, or to make comments regarding it.
The more karma you have the better accepted the posts. This part is quite optional.
If you have any suggestions feel free to submit them. We are rapidly growing as a community on the web.

Stougard 09-19-2002 01:51 PM


Welcome to the forum. It's great to find another Airstream owner in the NW. I live in Kent and have a 1973,23' Safari. I had to laugh when I saw the name for your trailer (Kalakkala II) I'm probably the only other person on the forum who understands the meaning. The name really fits! My father helped build the Kalakkala decades ago. I hope they get enough donations to restore the old ferry.


JodynJeep 09-19-2002 03:30 PM

They had a spot on Evening Edition last week about that particular ferry. I was thinking since I am here in the area might take a day or two to explore it and do the donation of labor. From the interviews with the owner on the Kalakkala, they allow people to come on board and tour the vessel - and to waive fees - they have a volunteer work program... was rather interesting

LKappenman 09-19-2002 08:43 PM

We are from Auburn and I rode that ferry as a kid to Bremerton.

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