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pryner 02-11-2018 05:30 PM

62 Bambi 16' shell weight
I'm almost ready to remove the shell of our 62 Bambi 16'. It doesn't look like it would weigh a lot but I don't want to underestimate what it will take to remove it. Anyone have an idea of the weight? All of the interior panels are removed and because of the construction the C channel will remain on the floor. The other question is how to store without damaging the bottom of the aluminum while the frame is being worked on? I was thinking about attaching some 2X4s across the trailer and attach to the ribs then put some spacers under the 2x4s to support it so it won't be touching the ground. Alternatively, I thought of using a 2x4 ladder system on the ceiling and hoist up through the air conditioning opening on the roof. The only problem I see with this method is that it will be hanging for a week or two and although it is in a carport would be subject to winds and movement. Any experience or comments would be greatly appreciated.

Bubba L 02-11-2018 06:02 PM

On our 55, we screwed 2x6 boards across at the bottom as spreaders after the inside shell was out. We had a 2x6 on the ceiling with a sling through the center roof vent hooked on a chain hoist. We lifted the shell, removed the chassis, then set the shell on wood blocks under the spreaders. I would think a shell that size wouldn’t weigh mor than 300lbs. I would sure strap it down if it sits outside. It’s like a sail. Hope this helps. Good luck, Bubba.

pryner 02-12-2018 06:45 PM

Thanks for info, hoist sounds like a good method

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