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Rzrbrn 02-11-2018 01:52 AM

limited edition AS
Not sure where on this forum to ask this question.

I just got a notification that the Pendleton Limited AS has been sold out.

How does one get on the roster for a limited edition such as this?

Until I got this notification that no more are available, I had no idea it was available in the first place.

switz 02-11-2018 03:55 AM

Check the factory website often to see when a new model is released. Then check the dealer network by state from the Airstream site to find availability.

EZTOO 02-11-2018 06:05 AM

Just buy one used in a year or two. AS seems to have "limited editions" on a regular basis. Its a marketing thing. If you want new, wait until the next LE comes out...

switz 02-12-2018 01:57 AM

There is/was an estate sale Pendleton in Apache Junction, AZ as of 3 FEB before I came to the UK for my wife's mother's funeral. Give Tim, the manager, a call at Shady Storage for information 480-983-7600. I only have the deceased's cell number with me.

Fly at Night 02-16-2018 12:10 AM

I am a marketer.

And we relish this kind of panic! :brows:

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