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mcaslaon4449 01-26-2018 09:37 AM

Extended warrenty
We purchased a 2017 25' FB in April. We did not purchase the extended warranty at that time. Our 2 year warranty runs out in April 2019. The dealership is offering us a 6 year extended warranty, Total Care/Easy Care for over $4,500, with a $100 deductible per visit. I'm wondering if this is cost effective? I know no one has a crystal ball. Is there another option out there that is better or just not worry about it? We'd like to hear your comments & feedback. Thank you.

NoResults 01-26-2018 09:48 AM

I imagine its still cold in Ogden. Take the cash and go somewhere warm for a nice vacation. At least you will have some fun with the money.

What is the most expensive item that would or could break? Furnace, Refrigerator, water heater, etc. Any of these would be less than the cost of the policy and you would still have the rest of your money.

Keep an eye on the roof sealants and have it inspected if you are concerned every other year and you will be fine.


n2916s 01-26-2018 09:51 AM

I would say definitely no. Your trailer has a two year warranty from Airstream already. There is no engine or transmission to fail. The systems are pretty simple and for the most part robust.

I would use it a bunch, make a list of "warranty items" that need to be addressed, get those squared away in your first year(s) of ownership.

Many extended warranties require an "annual inspection" that costs $$$. Getting approval for a repair at any place other than the place that sold you the warranty can be near impossible.

It is pretty much pure profit for the dealership.

Mollysdad 01-26-2018 12:04 PM

In general extended warranties are expensive, and they try very high to not pay off. "Yes, your bumper fell off, but you took it to an unapproved repair shop, so your claim is denied."

$4500 buys a lot of A/C units and refrigerators.

mikeinca 01-26-2018 12:20 PM

Insurance companies have highly paid actuaries who determine risk factors and figure out how much their employers need to charge to make a profit. In other words, they've already done the math to determine whether it's in the favor of the company or the consumer to purchase an aftermarket insurance policy/warranty at a given price.

When it's legally required (auto insurance) or when sustaining a catastrophic loss is more than I can reasonably bear (home insurance) I buy a policy. For the smaller stuff I almost always go with the odds that have already been calculated by the professionals and take a pass on the extended warranty.

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