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malinois38 09-04-2017 08:12 AM

Mystery Closet Leak...
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Ok, for starters I have already removed and sealed the refrigerator vent and heat shield. Which is parallel to the leak. I have also searched this forum extensively and of course my leak is unlike any others.
The drip is inside the street side closet on my 2008 28' International. I will assume it originates on the roof, as it rears its ugly stain after a good rain. Now, here is some important information. I ONLY see it when in my driveway when the Airstream is slightly TILTED forward. Reference pics below of likely candidates to the rear of the leak.
Open for suggestions and thank you for any and all wisdom/advice.

P.S. - Considering a new name, "Leak Chaser" :(

uncle_bob 09-04-2017 08:25 AM


I have a theory that Airstreams have issues with Pennsylvania. We have a stove vent blower motor that stops working only at (every) breakfast and only in PA. Works fine in New Jersey ....:)

First step would be a hose or bucket to see if you can flood an area to make it happen. The "tilt" may be sending the water somewhere else inside the trailer or it may be causing it to pool over a hole in a seal. Seems like a pretty good day today to do that kind of testing ....


Minno 09-04-2017 08:43 AM

Water can travel distances along seams before it find it's way inside. My guess is that your leak is above and towards the rear of the trailer behind the closet. Spraying water on the trailer in sections with someone within watching the leak to start would be a good way to find it. Sometimes it takes time for the water to travel so you might not see immediate results of your spraying.
Good luck!


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