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britt 08-16-2017 01:05 PM

Central Control clicking when battery connected
Hello everyone, hoping somebody can help out with a battery issue we've been having on our recently purchased 1969 27'' Overlander. When we went to go look at it, the PO had everything hooked up to shore power and the battery was connected and working fine. After receiving it a week later, when we connected to shore power we noticed the central control panel was making a clicking sound (every 25 and every 5 seconds intermittently). So we figured it was the battery - after disconnecting it the clicking sound stopped. Had the battery checked out and it was incredibly low on water and wasn't holding a charge. After hearing this we figured the bad battery was the source of the clicking. So bought a brand new battery, hooked it back up and alas - the central control panel is still clicking! Is anybody able to help identify the problem or point us in the right direction?

If this helps at all - the central control panel looks to be original however the PO did do some upgrades on the system, including a new PD Intili-Power Converter/charger.

Thanks in advance!

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