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rollnthunder 06-24-2005 05:33 PM

Water Leak
This is my first post and am sad that it is over a problem with our new Safari 25'SS (2005).

We first noticed a leak after my husband tested out the shower for the
second time. The first test he took a cold shower, he forgot to turn
the water heater on. He took the second shower in the morning and when
I got home in the afternoon I noticed a leak coming from the piping
that comes from the bottom of the trailer and I believe empties to the
black tank. The area has calking and a black rubber piece around it. If
you go into the shower you could draw a straight line from the faucet
to this pipe.

Also the water pump seems to have air in it, which I'm assuming is from
the leak. I say this because when you run the water, the pump makes a
jerking type noise rather than a fluid sound. Also when the pump is
left on it periodically seems to turn on and off.

We turned the pump off for 24 hours and then turned it back on and
tested all the faucets and looked at all the piping that was easily
accessible to see if there were any other obvious leaks or problems,
and we did not see any. We did however notice that the original leak
did not seem to begin again until we ran the hot water. The pump was
still jerky when turning the water on.

Our worry is that there may be a loose valve someplace we can't see and
water may be leaking into the walls. Any help with this would be
greatly appreciated.

Thank You!

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