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Goatboy 08-01-2017 10:27 AM

54 25 foot cruiser whale tail.

We are in the uk
We went to see it on the weekend. 1954

Phase one:
It will need new hitch - we need a uk hitch as the campsite's own tow vechile will need to be able to tow it.
I'm hoping we can fit electronic braking unit in the trailer too keep the axle
Also needs shell off new subfloor and any welding that is needed on frame.
Roof vent missing
New belly pan - has holes in it.

Phase 2
Then I plan a 5 year plan to do the interior. Retuning it to original. For the next few years we will just have mattresses on the floor when we camp. No electric or anything.

1 what do U think?
2. How many hours do u think it needs for phase one?

Thanks everyone in advance.

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