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Howard L. 07-31-2017 01:36 PM

Water leak at awning cover attachment
Has anyone dealt with leaks streaming down the outside of the trailer that are coming from the attachment of the metal awning cover to the trailer top gutter. On my 2012 FC 30, the metal awning roller cover is attached to the trailer top mount gutter by a 1 inch wide canvas strip. That canvas strip has piping that is held in a channel along the top of the roller cover and that is where rain water pools and seeps to under the metal cover and down the trailer side. What started as one small drip from that awning metal roller cover is now numerous streams of water down the side of the trailer from numerous places along the full length of the awning. All leaks come from that metal to canvas connection at the top of the cover. No leaks below where the cover attaches to the awning itself.
Seems I need some product that would penetrate and waterproof the canvas at that bead that slides through the roller cover channel. Any ideas??
Thanks Howard

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