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apple 1 03-24-2002 09:16 AM

Skylight - WARNING - possible Problem
During a recent trip (Feb25, 02) while stopped to fuel my truck the front Skylight cover blew off the trailer and landed next to where I was standing. I feel real luckly this happened when standing still and not on the highway where it could have done damage or caused an accident behind me. Also it was a nice sunny day and I was able to continue to my campground destination prior to repairing. When this cover comes off it leaves a 2'x2' hole in the roof. These skylights have been an option, I belive since 94.

The skylight cover is held on by 12 #8 sheet metal screws with no washers or any means to spread the load and sealer around the flange. The screws had broken out at all locations and had a very small piece of plastic under each screw. There was a large gobb of sealer on top of each screw head which was still on the cover. I had to borrow a tall ladder from the campground to get on the roof to reinstall the cover. I applied new seaer to the flange and reinstalled the cover with longer screws and large fender washers purchased from a Lowes store near the campground.

Upon return home (Mar 16th) I inspected my rear skylight and find it is starting to break loose. When pushing up on the right front corner the skylight form inside the cover raises up aprox. 1 1/2". When I repaired the front skylight the rear one was still tight and did not move when pushed from the inside.

Everyone with skylights should inspect them prior to each trip by pushing up on them from inside. If any movement is noticed you should repair immideatly.

I have sent a letter to Airstream advising them and am awaiting a reply.

I also belive the correct way to repair will be to install a 1" wide strip of 1/4" aluminum on each edge of the cover to spread the load.

:mad: :mad:

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