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Kearston91 07-14-2017 12:20 PM

1973 Safari Wiring diagram? Help
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We have ran into some major wiring issues. The brake lights, running lights and both blinkers were all working in the back when we bought our Airstream several months ago. When we went to have it inspected they gave us the run around because the side & front lights were not working & they weren't able to help us since they were not familiar with Airstreams. Since then we have done a little remodeling & removed a table piece that the former owner had built into the front. That's all we did! but now the back lights aren't working at all. HELP! This is a pic of the wire cluster at the front of the camper. If anyone has the wiring diagram to our model or any ideas or clues to what we need to look for I'd appreciate it.

TheGreatleys 07-15-2017 12:38 PM

Do you have a tow vehicle you can hook the umbilical up to and see if the lights work? The wiring conventions of 70s Airstreams are different from modern trailers. Usually the wires are switched in the umbilical to make it work.

There's a post in my blog about a year ago where I replaced my umbilical, and I listed the wire colors for the truck side and the trailer side. That might help if you have an issue. But if it worked a few months ago and your shop was not familiar with vintage Airstreams, I'd be willing to bet it's user error, not a wiring problem.

Kearston91 07-17-2017 08:20 AM

We have made a little progress over the weekend with the brake & blinker lights. Still messing with the running lights. Thank you for the tip! I will definitely look at your blog.

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