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ALANSD 08-19-2017 12:28 PM

Univolt is dead. Long live the Overlander.
Guess I will be buying a converter....soon. Thanks for all the tips. No fuse other than the panel fuses were ever found.

uncle_bob 08-19-2017 01:55 PM


If you go out and get a new converter, spend some quality time digging into this and that. There are some dirt cheap ( = avoid) models out there, some modest price / reasonable performance, and some very good units. Compared to the price of a pair of nice big AGM's, none of then are all that scary.


CBWELL 08-19-2017 02:31 PM

I have installed several Progressive Dynamics converters. The PD9245 is a good unit and quite economical. Very easy to replace the old unit with. Takes about 20 minutes to change out, and I use the old leeds from the univolt to the 12v breaker panel. Did have one fail this week after a month's use, and Progressive sent a replacement the same day. Good people to deal with. Ebay is a good place to purchase.

ALANSD 08-20-2017 06:10 AM

thanks for the tips. This will be the third one I have replaced in my Airstreams. They are relatively easy to install.

ALANSD 08-03-2018 03:19 PM

replaced the converter with major help from Mike G a fellow streamer. everything worked.

uncle_bob 08-04-2018 06:46 AM


While you are in "upgrade mode" at least consider a battery monitor. The BMV-712 is one option. There are *lots* of others ....


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