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TomS 07-03-2017 07:54 PM

Cheap extension cords
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Was plugged into shore power via a Wally World cheapo extension.

Ran the ac for a few minutes then the shore power breakers tripped.

The connection must have been loos or got moisture inside it, and there was arcing inside the receptacle hot enough that the pin in the trailer side plug melted through some internal insulation resulting in a hard short to ground.

Was able to repair the plug, and replaced the receptacle with a proper weatherproof receptacle, UL rated, from my old company, Eaton. This is a little extra bumps to carry around, but it will keep the electrical connection dry and secure.

Be wary of the cheapo extension cords!

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uncle_bob 07-03-2017 09:08 PM


Depending on breakers to tell you when you are pulling to much current is not a good idea. There will always be a region where they don't trip, but things get hot. With the trailer plugged in, you likely are pulling 5A on the battery charger. The AC is around 16A plus a surge at 30 to 50 A. Toss in a few lights and the random fan ... you have 30A. Your cord would have to be at least one 8 to 10 AWG to reasonably handle this. If it is in the 30 to 50' range. Longer than that, go with 6 AWG.


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