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amaelish 05-29-2017 12:18 AM

Interior vinyl and wood layer, to leave or not to leave?
Hello AS forums! Bear with me, but I've searched the forums with all of the keywords I could think of to get an answer without a new thread... but haven't found what I'm looking for (it's probably here somewhere..). So we got ourselves a '88 Limited and one of the first things we noticed is that the paint job on the inside was wrinkling... and peeling... and rippling? So we lifted some of it up. It was painted vinyl on top of a wood layer.

1. Can or should we remove the painted vinyl layer? It peels right off of the wood. What's the benefit of leaving the vinyl on, if any?

2. Can or should we remove the wood layer? What is the point of this layer: structural, for the wallpaper, insulation?

3. Following up on question #2, why is the wood overlapped instead of flush and does anyone else have this in their trailers? Trying to figure out if this layer is from AS or if it was added after (it looks sloppy and unlike photos of other interiors I have seen)
3. Is the aluminum interior skin beneath the wood layer and has anyone had success with making that look presentable and how?

I know, it's a lot to throw out there... BUT! I have photos... so that must redeem me somewhat :P Thanks in advance!

Picture: Wood layer under vinyl, you can see the metal behind the outlet hole - it extends out of reach --> is this the interior aluminum shell?

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