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66Overlander 05-09-2005 01:59 AM

Spring has Sprung (or Antenna Repair)
Spring has Sprung in Michigan - Finally!

I got a sunburn on the roof of the '85 Sovereign today - really. First from washing it in the sun, then from replacing the gears in the Braund Antenna. I got the "gear kit" from Mark's RV. One gear was slightly different than the original, but it went together just fine. My big problem was trying to figure out how to get it apart without instructions, but I eventually worked it out - it just took a little longer than expected. Now it raises and lowers and turns just fine. Anyway, I just wanted to share my success story to counterbalance my other post about our water tank leak.

To those with the same antenna that has quit going up and down, this can be a "do it yourself" repair as long as you don't mind getting up on the roof - you'll never do it leaning over from a ladder. Just remember to put those stabilizers down, or it'll get shaky up on the roof. And remember to keep your foot steps on the roof ribs, not between them.

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