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CarolynSteve 03-24-2017 03:17 PM

Where is the CAT5 Data Cable for the Solar Controller Remote
2016 FC 23 FB

We have installed the Zamp panels on the roof wired the panels to the controller through a combiner box. Attached the controller to the batteries.

Attached the comptroller to the inside wall of the front storage cubby cabinet next to the battery. Controller reading 10 Amps plus in sunshine, All works great. That is 2-60w and 1- 100w panel. About 12 Amps total

Used the yellow and green pre wired solar that was tucked into the front
Fan-tastic molding and found the other end under the bed near the electronic bus.
Belden data wire was there as well . Found the end bundled under the bed
The CAT 5 right with the yellow and green.. Plugged it in to the controller.

Where is the other end.
Looked in the bathroom wall under the "SeaLevel" tank monitors
Not bundled. Airstream tech say it should be there, the book says it should be there. Looked with a cavity camera and the electrician/tech.
Took out all the switches and vent at shoe level..

Sorry..Nothing.. Just the wire bundles to the switches and "SeaLevel" monitors
Any ideas where it should be routed or where it may have disappeared.

I have used a lot of CAT5 data cable. It is the same stuff that goes from your computer to modem/router. It is an ether-net cable.

Any ideas or input would be appreciated.

Steve and Carolyn

Troutboy 03-24-2017 11:48 PM

I have a 2017 23D. That cable was behind the inverter on/off switch on the wall with the sink. My see level monitor was above that. I can dig up some pictures if that would help

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