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PatLee 01-30-2017 02:00 PM

Check lists
I believe in checklists in general and because I'm buying an Airstream this year, I would deeply appreciate if any of you out there have checklists you could share with me so I can better protect my RV from myself - ha! Specifically, I would love checklists that apply to a 25' Flying Cloud Twin or 25' Serenity twin, for Departure (when first checking the RV out of its storage location), Campsite Departure, Camp Arrival, Winterizing, De-winterizing (photos would be fabulous); or any other checklists you think have worked well with you.
I bought the Airstream Life book that promised checklists inside but was a bit disappointed at the lack of detail and many assumptions made about how smart (or not smart) I am.
Thanks in advance for your help,

Rocinante 01-30-2017 02:20 PM

Three quick checklists
Hi, and welcome! There are plenty of good checklist ideas here on the forum. I'll give you my lists, but if you'd like more ideas, click the "Search\/" button at the top of the page, select the Google search option, and look for checklists. :)

Meanwhile, here's a link to the checklists we use every time we go camping:
It should go without saying, but please feel free to copy and tweak until it suits your needs. All I ask in return is feedback if something is missing, unnecessary, or just flat wrong. ;)

mimiandrews 01-30-2017 02:34 PM

Just a tip from an old airline instructor...
Make the checklists you'll be doing as you depart and arrive at your campsite into "flow patterns." Walk around the outside of your trailer, and through the inside and figure out a smooth, efficient way to check everything. Write your checklist to follow that sequence.

Once you have a pattern of doing things that works, do them in that order every time, and use the written list more as a "check" list than as a "do" list. Checklists are far easier if they are efficient.

But, do not get into the habit of neglecting to do the written check list. Human memory fails us on occasion, and good checklist discipline will pick up the things we miss.

If your routine gets interrupted by a gabby neighbor, etc., start over.

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