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upnorththree 01-30-2017 10:48 AM


Originally Posted by megandrudy (Post 1905154)
I am apologizing in advance if I offend anyone as a result of this post, but my frustration level is rising......

First of all, we are NOT RETIRED...( I've got 9 more years before that can happen!) Second, we are PERMANENT residents of Florida and have been since 1966 and 1973. We purchased our airstream 5 years ago and enjoy it very much, but it is getting harder and harder to do so because we are unable to secure camping sites during the winter months; recently, the summer months have become an issue as well. We do not have the luxury of planning our camping trips months in advance, due to my husband's job. The one year I did book sites in advance, we ended up having to cancel each one for various reasons...
We actually knew by Tuesday that we could get away this weekend, but when we started checking, everything was booked. We kept checking and finallyon Thursday, we were able to get 1 night at WP Franklin for tonight. We grabbed it. After we settled in, I was sitting outside. The couple next to us had another couple visiting and they were talking about all their camping plans...two weeks here, two more weeks at the next place, etc. THEN they went on to say how they get to stay on for another two weeks at parks they really like....even though they're not supposed to.

I could feel my cheeks burning. ( They actually were burning...I was sitting in semi shade with no sunscreen! It's winter here...natives don't use sunscreen in winter! I was born in Florida, but didn't move here until 1973, so technically, I am a native.) It's because of people doing things like this, that makes it hard for people like us, who want to get a site close enough to home to be able to get away for the weekend. I know about parks having to hold spots for walk ups, but who wants to drive 1-2 hours and not have anything available! I'm sorry to be so grouchy, but I live here, pay taxes, (some of which go towards funding state parks), and I'd like to be able to go camping in my airstream when I want to! Can you tell it's been a tough week? bb:

Apology accepted.

Living in a state that relies on tourism as a major source of income (and paying your taxes) does have its risks. And, I’m not sure why you feel not being retired and a native to Florida has any currency.

I understand you're blowing off steam but, you have the wonderful Florida weather 24/7 that others just want to borrow (pay for) a couple weeks a year. What's that . . . . count your blessings thing all about?

Having said that I would like to offer this from a fellow traveler . . .

A fellow camper had a different take on the rise of full campsites and without getting political he kept it fiscal.

To support or deny his theory, I dialed up You Tube as well as Airstream Forum to see if his theory had any credence.

What I found was it seems yesterday’s mobile home dweller now call themselves minimalists, where they sell their brick and mortar homes and live full time in a tin box. Their posts and videos are really everywhere.

I saw where one couple sold their 3000 SF home and another family sold their 1700 SF home and hit the trail, kids and all. Marrieds, singles, partners leaving mom and dad, and people of all ages. I was amazed.

By watching these clips and comments it appears hundreds of people are “living full time” (but, not in mobile homes) in a box with four wheels, tape their experiences and post them for the world to watch and enjoy.

It is a different America out there.

Could the mobile-home-park-full-time-minimalist-RVer be adding to fewer spaces available for vacationers?

Hope things get better for you.

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