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StevieB 01-15-2017 03:39 PM

Suburban Furnace Will Not Shut Off???
I have a Suburban Furnace that will not shut off when you place the temp gage in the full low heat position (Or Off). It is a Heat Only Suburban Wall Thermostat. It use to work perfectly this fall. Yes in the past, it normally ran the blower a few minutes after I fully moved the Thermostat Control to the low or off position. Now, when I put it in the off position, the blower will eventually turn off, then it will turn on again and the furnace will dispense heat again, and again, and again. The only way that I can fully turn it off is to pull the fuse. Has anyone experienced this issue? Do I have a Thermostat issue or is in the controller on the furnace? Should I try replacing the Thermostat? Any and all suggestions would be appreciated.

mehes 01-15-2017 05:12 PM

Sounds like the thermostat. Remove the cover on the thermostat and disconnect one of the wires. Then replace the fuse you pulled. If the furnace stays off your thermostat is bad.

perryg114 01-15-2017 07:00 PM

The thermostat that comes with the furnace is crap. I bought a nice digital unit at Lowes that works great and displays the exact room temperature and it lets you set an exact temperature. Try unhooking the thermostat and see if it is fixed. You can short wires to make it run as a test.


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