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Troutboy 12-26-2016 08:46 AM

Late model AS roof patch?
I have a 2017 FC and I need to remove a zamp solar preinstall box from the roof (6x8 inches, 3 inches tall).

I am not sure of the size hole in the roof, if small enough I can use Sikka. If a patch is required I had a few questions and was hoping others could help:

1. Can you purchase the white coated aluminum for repairs? If so, please provide vendor or link
2. If a patch is needed, what thickness of alclad would be desired .032 or .04?
3. If a 6x8 inch patch is needed, could I use VHB tape, with Sitka over it to hold down, as I want to avoid holes in roof.

Thanks for any help, suggestions or advice.

Troutboy, aka Rich

sgschwend 12-30-2016 09:55 PM

The reason to use metal patches to cover holes is to provide a redundant barrier. You would have a sealant and a new layer of metal to provide the second layer. The repair would last a very long time.

Patches that I have made were .040. I crowned them so that water would run off. Normally I would lay the patch on the place I needed it and see what curve to make. I have an English Wheel so I could quickly make a compound curve to fit. Some folks use a bag of sand and a soft mallet to create the curve part.

I like using round patches and rivets, then a nice layer of Sikaflex that would ooze out; also I coat the rivets as they go in.

My guess is that the hole is around 3/4" in diameter, but that is just a guess. A 3" diameter would work good for that size.

As to white metal or paint, you can purchase white aluminum flashing or related parts from a box store, it will be thin and soft. I would use better metal and use white spray paint, white is very forgiving.

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