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Dbright 10-30-2016 02:50 PM

2002 Classic, 28 ft, leak in rear storage compartment
Hi, we bought our beautiful AS in April and recently CA started getting much needed rain but it made us aware of a nasty leak, probably and old one, that we were not aware of. Our unit is a 28 ft Classic, rear sideways bed. The leak is is on the drivers side rear storage compartment under the head of the bed. It has to be old as some of the flooring was showing signs of dry rot. I cut the carpet out of the area, removed wire mold, and dried it out for a week. I sealed the floor with injecting epoxy, bondo and polyurethane. I've sealed over every rivet above on the roof, awning rail, and fantastic fan. I also resealed above the window, and resealed the storage access door. I can see in the wall and water comes down the wall stud with all the rivets where the rear, sides, and roof all come together. After everything I've done the leak has not slowed. I will have to start water testing from ground up.
Wondering if anyone else has dealt with this.

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