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Over59 03-15-2005 09:58 AM

'50s door handle on ebay?
I think this guy is mistaken. Haven't we reviewed this here before and determined that it is not a 50's AS handle?

markdoane 03-15-2005 12:13 PM

Yeah, I looked at the picture. I thought it mounted vertically, but on further inspection it looks like a horizontal 'refrigerator' style.

dmreilly10000 03-15-2005 02:10 PM

I have a 1953 Cruiser and it has a small door knob and separate dead bolt lock. Nothing like this.

markdoane 03-15-2005 03:03 PM

I saw something similar on a '58, but it didn't have the trunnion plate.

Over59 03-15-2005 03:54 PM

The late 50's have one that looks the same but it mounts vertical not horizonal. At least my 59 does. This one mounts horizonal by the look of it. Too bad I could really use one. What ever happened to the guy who was going to make them.

markdoane 03-15-2005 04:21 PM

Guess I screwed up the thread. I was going to agree that it's a different model, but I overwrote my previous posting, so now it doesn't make sense.

And I guess the seller reads this forum, he put a disclaimer in.

47WeeWind 03-15-2005 04:41 PM


Originally Posted by markdoane
And I guess the seller reads this forum, he put a disclaimer in.

Markdoane et al:

I imagine the Seller's disclaimer was in response to my E bay question sent to to him this morning as a result of reading Over59's first post in this thread. Here is my question:

Dear olde-truck,

Hi: You advertise this door handle as fitting a 1950's Airstream trailer. Which model(s) 1950s Airstream trailers does this door handle fit? Do you guarantee that it fits those Airstreams? What brand trailer did it come off of? Thanks,

For over a month or so, this guy "olde-truck" has been putting "Airstream" in his auction titles to draw attention to them. I've seen a few things that were appropriate for old Airstreams but many things that were not. Buyer beware with this guy, as -- my opinion -- he does not appear to know exactly what he is offering for sale and makes claims that I doubt he can support when pressed for factual details.

markdoane 03-15-2005 04:43 PM


Great catch! You're my hero.

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