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LuminumTraila 02-25-2005 07:27 AM

Newbies all over again
After hangin' around on this forum for nearly 3 years we finally have an Airstream sitting in our driveway. Last weekend we drove our brand new Toyota Tundra pickup 500 miles west and brought home a beautiful '76 Safari 23'. The whole trip was great -- truck handled well, previous owner was a wonderful person to work with and very helpful, and we got back on the road early enough to get ahead of a snowstorm that was following us. We pulled in our driveway around midnight Sunday night and awoke to snow the next morning.

The exterior of the trailer is beautiful, with only some very minor touch-ups that need to be taken care of. We're looking forward to doing some updating on the interior and I've already been searching through the forums to come up with ideas. It's very exciting to see all the possibilities.

So, a big thank you to all the forum members who have encouraged us as we did the research. I'm amazed at how much we've learned from this site, and I know the learning has just begun! I have a million questions, but for now I'm just wondering who else out there has a 1970s model Safari? I'm looking, but I'm not finding many.


aztlanco 02-25-2005 07:34 AM

Congratulations, Let the fun begin! Wish you the best adventures and happy trails out there in the great playground .
'58 Traveler, 18ft.

LuminumTraila 02-25-2005 07:56 AM

Thanks, Ernie!

I forgot to mention that I posted a few pictures in our member photo album if anyone would like to sneak a peek.

Chuck 02-25-2005 08:02 AM


Originally Posted by dougjamie
who else out there has a 1970s model Safari? I'm looking, but I'm not finding many.



and I'm local, too!


Looks nice! take more pics! congrats!

LuminumTraila 02-25-2005 08:19 AM

Howdy neighbor!
Hey Chuck, is this snow ever going to stop?

I was hoping to hear from you -- yours and Safari Tim's are the only other 70s Safari I've seen around here. Be prepared to be bombarded with questions. :-)

MarkE 02-25-2005 05:31 PM

Looks Like A Winner!
Jamie, Congrats on the trailer purchase. The photos indicate you got a great looking '76!

Safari Tim 02-25-2005 08:12 PM

Did I hear my name!

Congratulations on your purchase.

Don't hesitate to ask any questions.

71_safari 02-25-2005 09:39 PM

Well, they come and go... I just sold my 71 to a good friend in order to keep it in the family, so to speak. Had it for a year, pulled it 12,000 miles, even full-timed in it for several months last Summer and Fall while I explored the great Northwest. What great design and functional capability! I think that the 1970's Safari is a perfect size - easy to tow and fit into campgrounds, roomy enough to be comfortable, and with classic good looks.

That said, I have some other priorities I need to focus on for the next year or two and didn't feel the Safari was going to get much use or attention, so better off to someone who needs her. This forum is a great group of people, some of whom I have had the pleasure to meet personally, and others that remain cyber-friends, but all of whom have offered invaluable advice and thoughtful opinions. You are in good hands, as you already know.

Enjoy your classic Safari!


53flyingcloud 02-25-2005 11:03 PM


Originally Posted by dougjamie
Thanks, Ernie!

I forgot to mention that I posted a few pictures in our member photo album if anyone would like to sneak a peek.

We were on the road Sunday as well, coming down from the Portland RV Show and, yes...Thank God we got in before the snow hit~
Along with the rest, Lov'd to see some inside pictures as well`!
Have you joined any of the local WBCCI units yet? You really gotta keep those numbers~!!
Again, congrats~!!

LuminumTraila 02-26-2005 07:45 AM

MarkE -- Thanks! We think she's a really good one too. Saw quite a few heads turning on I-90 when we brought her home.

Safari Tim -- Hesitation is not a problem. Weather's holding us up now, but as soon as we get going I'll have lots of questions for you. But you've already provided lots of answers in the archives. ;-)

71Safari -- You're right about the size. It really is perfect in size, weight, and layout. I had been thinking about the newer 22s, but this one turned out to be better for our small family (we'll travel with two small kids, ages 7 & 3)

53FlyingCloud -- Had been trying to get up to see some new Airstreams in NH since before Christmas. I even got a homemade coupon from my husband in my Christmas stocking good for one free trip to Merrimack to look at "the real ones". (I've been looking at pictures for so long.) But then we got distracted by the vintage models and decided that price-wise and size-wise this was the best way to go for us. I'll still be up to see the new ones sometime. The second owner of our '76 is rumored to have owned 14 Airstreams. If that's any indication, I may have just bought the first of many to come. Yes!!

We're going to join WBCCI New England unit, and probably the VAC too. The previous owner would like to keep her numbers, so we'll get new ones. Can anyone tell me the best way to remove the old numbers and apply new ones without doing any damage to the finish?


LuminumTraila 03-03-2005 06:50 AM

Good news on numbers!
We were able to reserve "4728" to cover up the old "4723" WBCCI numbers. Yay!

6xblessd 03-03-2005 02:50 PM

Hi Jamie!

Just wanted to say congrats on your "new" 1976 Safari! We lived in a 1976 airstream international when we first married and loved it. We just bought a 2005 30' Safari Bunk (we have 6 kids now, the 26' 76 just wouldn't have worked for us at this point in our lives!) from the dealership in Merrimack. It's probably just as well that you DIDN'T go there first because we went there just to "look" at some new rigs and left having put down a deposit :eek: . We don't regret it, though!! We just joined the White Mountains, NH, unit of WBBCI, and who knows? maybe we will run into you at some region rally sometime. :D

Have fun with your new baby!

LuminumTraila 03-03-2005 03:18 PM

Hi 6x! -- We're really looking forward to meeting up with other Airstreaming folks. Hope we'll see you out there in your new Safari. Can we get a tour?

I'm still thinking of the '76 as our first, but not necessarily our last or only Airstream (ssshh, don't tell Doug) :-)


rluhr 03-03-2005 06:59 PM

Hey Jamie, our 77 Argosy 24 is a lot like your Safari 23 ... Can we join the club? ;)

Glad to hear you are in the New England area AND have kids. We need more folks with kids in the WBCCI units. See ya this summer.

robandzoe 03-03-2005 07:24 PM

The more kids the merrier
Hi all, Rob and Zoe' here in Central NY with two kids too. Congrats on the 76' Safari. I just looked a nice Safari with bunks here at the Oasis RV in Tuscon. Very nice. Does yours have the Snub Roll away door for the shower by Newbine? I am going to replace my shower door on my 85 Limited 34' with it. We'll see if it will work.

To all forum members, I am gonig to start working on putting together a Forum Rally in the central NY area this fall, mid to late Sept. It will be in North Norwich, NY 13814 in the town park. Lots to see and do in the area. More on that in a future post.

I just spent the last two nights on travel with my company out here in Sierra Vista. All my co-workers stayed in the hotel at Sierra Vista, and I drove the 30 miles to Bisbee and stayed in the '49 Airstream...what a jem and a wonderful two nights.

Look forward to meeting you all. We'll either be in the 65' Caravel or the 34' Limited....See ya down the road.

Rob - on my way to the East coast ....from the Tuscon Airport.

LuminumTraila 03-03-2005 08:19 PM

I can't wait to catch a glimpse of Vintage Thunder. I've been following the blog trying to pick up some tips (what the heck is "hull liner" anyway?) I'm anxious to see the finished product.

robandzoe -- looking forward to meeting you too. We'll be watching for any forum rally plans in the Northeast.


rluhr 03-03-2005 08:59 PM


Originally Posted by dougjamie
(what the heck is "hull liner" anyway?)

It's the fuzzy stuff Airstream uses to line the insides of some new trailers. I think it's made of polypropylene. We got a version of it in "sand" color to cover some of the uglier walls of Vintage Thunder. Also adds some small amount of thermal insulation and sound-deadening inside the coach. Very handy stuff.

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