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Dustyrodes 08-30-2016 08:28 AM

Tahoe Tow Vehicle
My husband and I bought a 2016 Flying Cloud 26U. We also bought a 2013 2WD Chevy Tahoe to tow it. He is worried that the 26U is putting too much strain on the Tahoe transmission. Has anyone else towed this size airstream with a Tahoe for a long trip? For instance a trip from Florida to NY...

ericpeltier 08-30-2016 08:44 AM

A 26' airstream is a smaller load than what a Tahoe is "designed" for. Just be sure it has a transmission cooler and oil cooler.

(I am not and will not comment on Payload, Tongue Weight, GCVW, etc)

dames7 08-30-2016 08:51 AM

We have a 2013 Tahoe LTZ and tow 25' AS, did 9,000 miles in the last 18 months from PHX to Canada. The trick is take your time and slow down, keep your Tahoe service up to date, we find that staying off interstate as much as we can and taking side roads is much more enjoyable and less stress on you and your rig.

dkottum 08-30-2016 10:09 AM

A good way to avoid putting stress on the transmission is to select a lower gear and keep it there if the transmission keeps shifting up and down. Not sure which engine/rear axle ratio you have but the engine will probably be comfortable in the 2200 rpm range with the least amount of transmission gear hunting.

On steep hills, shift down and let the engine rev above 3000 rpm to get the torque range you need for climbing, and do the same for descending those hills to get the engine compression braking you will want.

You will learn to use the transmission shifter to get the best performance and least amount of strain.

amazingwoody 08-30-2016 11:34 AM

I would also add a brake controller if your vehicle is not already equipped. A 2013 Tahoe is also probably equipped with a manual shifter located on the shift lever. Mine was a toggle switch showing a + & -. Also is a button located on the end of the shift lever, when engaged, will assist your engine to shift better while towing.

dames7 08-30-2016 11:57 AM

I think only the Tahoe LTZ have the switch showing a + & -. Also the button located on the end of the shift lever, when engaged, will assist your engine to shift better while towing.

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