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fulltimer 08-25-2016 03:20 PM

Custom Badges
Does anyone know where I can get 2 of these badges. Airstream has obsoleted them. I was able to purchase 1 but need 2 more.

dkottum 08-25-2016 03:23 PM

Exactly what badges?

fulltimer 08-25-2016 03:46 PM

It is the newer type oval badges but says Custom with a blue background. I have posted a photo in members photos.

centennialman 08-25-2016 04:04 PM

Fulltimer....can you post a pic here so we can see what you want?

Adventure.AS 08-25-2016 04:41 PM

1 Attachment(s)
There is a link in the sidebar beside fulltimer's post to 1 photo. Here it is:

Attachment 269963

I'm assuming that is the badge he is referring to.

fulltimer 08-26-2016 05:35 AM

That is indeed the badge I am referring to. Sorry about the confusion. This is my 1st posting and I'm still figuring things out.
I bought the one I have from Airstream Supply. When I tried to buy two more they were ordered from Airstream to be drop shipped to me. Airstream canceled the order with the information that they were obsolete and no longer available.

centennialman 08-26-2016 09:15 AM

Fulltimer...I have sent you a private message

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