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joqin 08-21-2016 07:28 PM

blown fuses
this past week, after 4 days of heavy rain, fog and high humidity, I decided that this camping trip was done. I hooked up and had no trailer lites at all. the TV lites all worked. I later found that the 30A fuse between the brake contoller and the battery(+ side) had blown and partly melted the holder. Also, the 40A fuse (- side) between the coach battery and the trailer circuits had blown. I replaced both fuses and now everything works OK! I have a 65 caravel. Any thoughts about the cause here? thanks........joe q

paiceman 08-21-2016 07:30 PM

Possibly water gone in?

TG Twinkie 08-21-2016 07:58 PM

I don't think the 30 amp fuse is in the brake controller circuit. It is more than likely in the charge line from the TV. Losing the 40 amp fuse could have been the reason for no lights.
But the whole thing looks a bit fishy. Since all of the exterior running, brake and tail lights should be powered by the TV directly. The fuses in the coach should only be protecting circuits inside the coach.
IMHO this should be looked into in some depth.

moosetags 08-21-2016 08:02 PM

Dampness can cause electric circuits to heat up, blow fuses, and burn contacts.


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