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airartist70 08-18-2016 09:06 AM

Original Custom Painting of your Airstream
I just posted a new ad on Airstream Classifieds.

South Carolina Artist, Trahern Cook, will create a 9 X 12", acrylic painting of your Airstream. Simply email Trahern reference pictures of your Airstream.Please also give your Airstream number. Trahern will ship your painting to you (in the United States) within three weeks of placing your order. 20% of the cost is due upon ordering. The remaining balance may be paid within a week of the painting being received. Specs: 9 x 12", acrylic on gessoed panel, unframed.

It makes a terrific gift for you, or your Airstream friends!

Visit Trahern's website at

"I discovered those lovely metallic traveling domiciles while painting in Lewisburg,WV. They appeared to be floating across a grassy field like shiny buffalo grazing in an open field.
I had to paint them. Upon completing my first painting, I quickly made friends with this hospitable band of ethereal prairie sailors.
My painting style spoke to some of them and they commissioned me to paint their own Airstreams. Happily, I obliged.
If my style is speaking to you, contact me today and make arrangements for me to paint your Airstream.
Happy trails...."

Note: Request for additional scenery, pets or subject matter and larger sizes are an extra cost to buyer.
You can contact us by filling in the form on the right hand column of the ad listing:

Hittenstiehl 08-18-2016 10:08 AM

Very nice, I could imagine several here will take you up on your offer.

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