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SoverignGal 08-04-2016 12:50 AM

Bring a '72 into the 21st Century
I don't know where this question belongs, since it covers everything. So, I have read through various posts, but all of y'all are on another level from where I am standing right now. I need to know the best way to bring it up to date. What do I need to know?
1) Wire for a cable for high speed Internet and cable tv, or something for satellite tv? We use Dish in the house (data too slow and tiny for streaming). Do you use a satellite dish on a stand (I saw someone with one on a tripod setup in a campground once), or something else for TV?
2) How do you get enough data to stream anything, and how would that even work in the trailer with the TV hookups, etc. (And, apparently, cell reception isnt great inside an AS.) Finally, I know I am going to need an electrician, but
3) how do I make sure I'm not wiring it to be outdated? How do I know what to put in? (Aside from more plugs. Apparently, there wasnt much to plug in back in '72.) Thanks!

AStreamNerds 08-10-2016 01:56 PM

Not exactly sure where to start and do not have exact answers. First off I assume that you plan to have a CATV/SAT hookup somewhere outside to inside. Use RG6 quad shield cable for this run. You will need to have some sort of head end inside where everything is ran to. As far as streaming inside is concerned you may be out of luck most of the time - one option is to add an AppleTV or something like that and stream from pre-loaded content from your ipad/iphone directly to the AppleTV without needing an internet connection. Video below is an example:

Lumatic 08-10-2016 02:28 PM

I use a Dish Tailgater. I run the coaxial through floor hole under the galley. Easy

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