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chilipepper 08-03-2016 09:55 AM

Hail Damage and Insurance Claims
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So our trailer braved a pretty serious hail storm in the Southern Black Hills of South Dakota over the weekend. A couple of friendly pine trees took the brunt of it but the front end-cap was the worst hit and has a bunch of little dimples. There wasn't any wind so I slanted the awning as much as possible to protect the one side and held onto it and kept the river of hail from building up on it. The astro-dome has some chips in it and the rear aluminum cover is pretty peppered up. The roof, as expected, has quite a few as well.

So with a vintage trailer that was not perfect by any means but polished and looking good with its few battle wounds, what can I expect from an insurance claim/adjuster? If segments had scratches/dents will they not cover those? I'm just trying to get a little knowledge prior to having the conversation with the adjuster in a few days.

Sorry, I do not have better close up pictures of the damage.


ghaynes755 08-03-2016 04:42 PM

Ryan it all depends on what you have for coverage. Take photos of all the damage and send them to Jackson Center service and may Timeless Travel in Denver to get quotes. You can use those for negotiation with the adjuster/insurance company.

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