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whitegs 07-25-2016 10:58 AM

Chimney Rock RV Park - Herrington Lake, Ky.
My MIL had her 90th birthday in March and we threw a big party. Her sister had her 88th birthday last Friday. Her son Gary, my wife's cousin, got the bright idea to have a small family party at Herrington Lake, near where the sisters grew up in Shakertown. Of course, my MIL who never says no to anything, wants to go. Gary lives in London Kentucky and Zella, his mother (the birthday girl), lives in Louisville. So for them it is a short drive and a one day trip.
We on the other hand live in southeastern Ohio, 250 miles away and too far for a day trip. So my wife says, "Let's take the Airstream." Being a dutiful husband, I make reservations at Chimney Rock RV Park, right adjacent to the marina where the festivities are to take place.
Our site (25) is a pull thru (good) and 50 amp (fantastic). It is 95 in the shade and we had both ACs pumping away. And the site is level front to back and side to side (wonderful). However, the site is carved out of the side of a hill, with a cliff on the right of us and the sewer connection up the hill on the left (not so good). The worst part is the fact that to leave the site, we have to stay as far left as we can so as to avoid tumbling off the cliff on the right and unfortunately, there are sites up the hill to the left of us and the people have parked their vehicles right next to our driveway on the left, not on our site but pretty darn close. Anyway, we got out of there by the skin of our teeth, barely managing to avoid the vehicles on our left and our trailer wheels just off the edge of the cliff.
So to my mind, because of the record heat and the fact that the Herrington lake the sisters remembered was long gone, the shoreline totally commercialized, this entire outing was a bad idea. But my MIL seemed to have a great time, so maybe it was worth the agony, just to see how happy these two clear headed old ladies were rejoicing in each other's company.

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