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dmslawson 07-08-2016 09:46 AM

2016 Classic: Refrigerator door dented by pantry door handle
Design flaw unfortunately discovered in our new AS: the fridge door lacks the normal detent, which thus allows it to open all the way against the protruding handle of the pantry door. Result: our first dent in our new trailer!

Back to the drawing boards, AS designers! And see you at the factory this October, so be prepared.

This is our third new AS in 6 years, btw.

alano 07-08-2016 10:28 AM

We have the same dent. We closed the fridge door but not sufficiently. The fridge door opened so wildly that it broke the pantry door as well. We got the pantry door fixed but still have a nice reminder on the fridge door. We now listen for the click when closing the fridge door.

AtomicNo13 07-08-2016 10:35 AM

Fixing it needs to include a system for not allowing this to happen again.... otherwise save the effort and not fix it if it will only happen again. I would strongly mention this to Airstream.

alano 07-08-2016 12:37 PM

In my case we had our accident quite early in our ownership. We didn't realize the fridge door requires sufficient pressure to securely lock the door. We've never repeated the incident once we realized that the door must be firmly closed and we must hear the catch mechanism click. Sure a backup stop might have prevented damage but I'll take responsibility for not paying careful attention. I honestly don't expect Airstream to anticipate every silly thing that I should be aware of.

dmslawson 07-08-2016 08:41 PM

Door detent
It's a design flaw, pure and simple. It was not a case of an door not being secured--merely opened too far and being dented by the pantry handle.

Our KitchenAid home fridge has detents which prevent the door from being dented by the corner of the granite countertop next to it when it's fully open.

Btw, that same home fridge door does have a dent from a "silly" incident, so I agree such things happen.

Finally, I would remind fellow Airforum contributers, that personal responsibility not only involves caring for one's trailer but also in caring for the civility of commentary on this forum.

Protagonist 07-08-2016 09:04 PM

A rubber cushion for the point of impact works wonders. My Airstream Interstate has a closet door that can smack up against the wooden edge of a seat. I installed one of these…


dmslawson 07-09-2016 09:22 AM

Impact cushions
My wife and I had a good laugh imagining not just putting one cushion over the dent on the fridge, but also in placing the other cushion symetrically across on the other side of the door (a bit of risqué art?)

And yes, I've already placed a number of clear rubber cushions in the spacious bathroom where cabinet door handles hit the beautiful woodwork.

So no complaints about our luxurious Classic. Just a wish that the Airstream factory designers would employ CAD technology (much like submarine designers who also have to squeeze everything into tight spaces.)

Btw, yes, I'm a retired draughtsman.

jeff4506 07-09-2016 09:32 AM

We did the same thing - it crushed us emotionally. We placed a refrigerator magnets over the dent. I imagine the skin can be slid out to massage the dent or replace it altogether. It's on my to-do list.

RareStream 07-09-2016 09:35 AM


These Classics and their neverending problems are quickly becoming the black sheep of the Airstream line...


Oh yeah...most of us.

Shame on Airstream for charging such ridiculous money for horrible quality...

FCStreamer 07-09-2016 10:13 AM

2016 Classic: Refrigerator door dented by pantry door handle
No, not most of us. Only a few.

RareStream 07-09-2016 10:20 AM


Originally Posted by FCStreamer (Post 1817887)
No, not most of us. Only a few.

I guess you're right...if you're referring to those that bought one.

But sadly, it's the owners that are now realizing what most of us other peons figured out a looooooooooong time ago: there ain't NO Airstream worth $140,000 with their horrible level of quality and workmanship.

When they announced the new pricing, most of us gasped and laughed. Then Airstream had the audacity to cheapen it further by replacing most of the real wood interior with plastic laminate...and RAISED the price.

But, the amount of negative threads on this forum regarding the Classic alone is mindboggling.

You don't see endless threads about problems with the bottom-barrel Sport trailers.

The quality is so bad for their most expensive trailers that it is truly absolutely offensively insulting.

FCStreamer 07-09-2016 11:49 AM

I guess they sell every single one they make despite their "horrible" quality? Or perhaps these quality issues are limited in scope and most users are happy with their purchase and don't post in these forums?

If a company was half as horrible as you make Airstream out to be, they'd have gone out of business a long time ago. Yet, "miraculously" they continue to expand and sell every trailer they make.

No, they are not perfect. No one is. But they are better than most. Their longevity is proof of that. And the number of threads in a forum where people come precisely to get help is not indicative of anything. For every Classic owner complaining here, how many are NOT posting here because they are completely satisfied with their purchase???

If you feel they are so terrible, the solution is simple. Sell it, and don't buy another one. If I were treated as poorly as you seem to have been, I would never purchase that brand again.

dkottum 07-09-2016 12:03 PM

We would love to have a new Classic based on our excellent experience with two Airstreams. Only thing stopping us is the size, just too long for our travels. Maybe we should blame that on the designers as well, and call it a lapse in quality.

We could head for Jackson Center complaining this Airstream won't fit in some State and National Park Campgrounds, hold their feet to the fire, what are you going to do about it?

Say what you want, I believe we have responsibility for our Airstream. At the high price look it over very well to decide it is truly well designed for our use, use it with a reasonable level of care, and to inspect and maintain it well after purchase. I look at some (not all) of these lists of complaints and shake my head; have people forgotten how to use a screwdriver or a little can of lubricant (you can even get some that will also provide a high level of corrosion protection).

phann 07-09-2016 12:27 PM

I've heard others say not to worry about the small exterior dents that inevitably occur - to view them proudly as a badge of traveling experience. I'm gonna view my refrigerator ding the same way.

SilvertopCA 07-09-2016 01:02 PM

Yes, we too have that ding after our first 2 week trip in our 2016 Classic. And the outside step needs to be replaced and the sofa drawer needs adjusting. But other than that we LOVE our Palace, called that after having a '67 17' Caravel and an '09 27 FB International. The comfort and design has extended our Airstreaming ways now that we are going into our 80's. No matter what the price point is of anything you buy these days, you will have "issues". I give thanks to those above who have offered solutions to avoid damage. Perhaps a new Classic buyer will heed them before they occur.

meschelle 07-09-2016 03:39 PM

We also have dents. Our trailer was 2.7 minutes old when the neighborhood descended on it for inspection and someone opened both re-frig and freezer doors (not sure how at the same time) but in any case Micky & Minnie magnets now reside over dents.
We love our Classic, but we also have issues, lights out from bath/shower to the living room recliners, scratches all over counters before we moved into it.
Oven that wont light consistently and 1 burner on the stove that scares me to death every time I light it due to the fire ball that fly's out.:bb:
Does anyone else have issues with the burner covers on the stove, I feel they are unsafe and would like to find a stove grate or something so if the hot pan of soup slides a little off those skinny little burners, nobody gets burned.

We live in our rig full time and find it comfortable and very classy. I do agree with some on this forum that for the money, more care needs to go into the small details.

We will soon be heading to the birth place of our rig to get a few things fixed.


rostam 07-09-2016 03:52 PM

Multiple people have posted in this thread regarding the exact same issue (there are parallel threads regarding other problems with Classics). Yet, Some members think this is an isolated problem, as people come to forum only to complain. What is shocking to me is the level of denial. You might say you love your Airstream despite its flaws (nothing wrong with that). But to say I love my Airstream so much, it has no flaws, is just unreal.

FCStreamer 07-09-2016 03:57 PM

I haven't seen anyone say Airstream has no flaws. What I have seen is several comments in a thread that is a little over a page long and extrapolate that to the hundreds or thousands of units Airstream builds.

Perspective is a beautiful thing.

PKI 07-09-2016 04:30 PM

The nature of RV travel results in shocks and movement that often damages furniture and appliances. Better design would positively impact the result, but a quick review of configurations shows that type of consideration to detail is missing from most RVs. Consequently, we have learned to secure the refrigerator and closet doors/drawers while traveling. We have also added the bumper pads in several locations to prevent damage from door handles.

We also remove the microwave glass plate and travel with it in a quilted cover fitted inside a padded bag.

Positive packing produces improved results and is just as important as checking before you change lanes, back up, or start off each morning.

Feel free to holler at AS. They should do better and if they would engage each of their employees to make a daily improvement suggestion, they could do much better. Continuous improvement is not significantly difficult and it has very positive results.

In the interim, thank you for pointing out the problem. New owners need to be forwarned so they can address the issue.

Sometimes it's the simple stuff that makes a difference. There is a plastic clip that is supposed to hold the fridge door open to air it out while stored. Our experience is that it does not work well. We recommend that you do not rely on it and implement a more rigorous solution. We use a bungy cord. There are a lot of good uses for bungy cords. We learned that from the experienced folks here. Thanks!

Travel safe. Pat

rucos 07-09-2016 09:24 PM

REALLY!! thats a design flaw and should be a warranty issue..... no question

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